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About us

Created in 2017 in the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias, our brand Maygel Coronel emerged as an aesthetic vision set out to celebrate global, Latin and contemporary women by offering them sleek, streamlined and modern pieces that “melt” and blend into their skins.

With a sensibility that thinks about feminine grace, a sun-drenched lifestyle and settings
in which a beachy spirit meets with a sense of luxury, rich colors and lively volumes, Maygel Coronel is also an aesthetic perspective that reflects Latinness, mixed with a language that appeals to a global sense of femininity.
Our creative director and designer uses the magical and Caribbean elements of
her homeland in order to channel them into swimsuit pieces that grant power to
all sorts of female bodies.

With proportions and silhouettes that also convey the power of exquisite simplicity, each piece is handmade, using sustainable and conscious practices. The pieces, which render the Caribbean and tropicalist spirit of the brand, are meant for
maritime and nautical situations but can also expand beyond the field of swimwear, allowing for statement styling in urban settings.

Conjuring an alchemy that blends in beautiful detailing and a great sense of functionality, the brand seeks to evoke a sense of feminine freedom that is highly focused on comfort. This mix crystalizes a unique type of femininity, built on high-quality materials, a careful creativity, a beauty ideal based on versatility, timelessness and the enchantment of a visually polished language: the great power that lies in significant simplicity.  

Our Latin heritage is a defining element in the entire creative repertoire. Our pieces reflect the cultural exuberance of the Colombian Caribbean, its endless summer, as well as the multiplicity of the female shape. They are meant to be
worn and used by women who lead lives in full bloom, who seek to assert their Latin, global and vivacious spirit and essence.


We truly believe in keeping a balance between aesthetically driven details and an effortless practicality, in bringing to life a process that combines high quality with a sense of trust. We feel that these two features allow women who wear our suits to feel fiercely sure of themselves.

But we also seek to expand significantly. What began as something small has become a big and nurturing family. Our materials and feelings are what allow our product to reflect a team that pours their passion and commitment into the brand’s vision. A sense of loving intention is the primary substance when it comes to forging our creative paths. We are deeply to create driven by a conscious and powerfully feminine spirit.


We are also strongly motivated by a wider sense of purpose, we long to keep growing and expanding in order to keep producing something that is a deep part of our spirit: creating decent and respectable jobs. Working for our local community is a vital and defining principle in everything we do. As a brand, Maygel Coronel does not only sum up our creative director’s dreams. We also provide a place for fulfillment and improvement for women who are single mothers and head of their households. We are also a place that believes in young people before they are able acquire experience in the work field. We are a place that believes in young talent and in the potential of those who begin a task or craft, we are a company that encourages people to enrich their abilities and expertise, providing them with quality circumstances and the necessary support to achieve it.

Our brand’s soul is committed to expand in order to keep enhancing the quality of life and work of the people who make our vision possible. We believe in growing. In widening our reach, and our capacity to care for our community. We believe in setting up an ethical and creative work atmosphere. This commitment and vocation are vital in our route towards growth. Our ambition carries that spirit: to grow in order to generate jobs with a sense of purpose.

Brand philosophy

Maygel Coronel is ultimately about honoring women. This is why we build pieces that celebrate and embrace multiple body types. This is why we also mix different aesthetic palettes, and a local and global sense of femininity by looking at our context from which to extract a unique sense of style. This is also why we revere and deeply respect the hands that weave the net that sustains this shared process. It is all made possible by the women who bring our pieces to life with their very hands. Our sense of gratefulness for their work constantly pushes our vision towards setting the right atmosphere for their personal, professional, and emotional growth. We long to grow most specially because we wish to strengthen the lives of the people who constitute our community.

The clarity in these creative intentions allow us to render conscious and careful processes. Our sense of community is compelled by respecting and recognizing the different forms of knowledge that make each piece possible.

Our entrepreneurial practices seek to use predominantly Colombian-based materials. Supporting and stimulating the local industry is a significant part of our Latin feel and global spirit. By using mostly local suppliers we connect with a philosophy that seeks to create a purposeful and conscious sense of style

Brand values

Our primary values are: diversity, versatility and timelessness.

We believe in environmental awareness. In Latin pride. We create a language meant for a local and global femininity. These are some of the foundations in our vision’s core identity.

Cartagena de Indias, our home town, is recognized for its historical, heroic heritage, and our stylistic codes feed from its culture to channel collections that interweave feminine memories and their recognition. Our entire perspective is meant to honor real, plentiful, profoundly authentic women, whose stories and styles contain local, Latin elements and global style codes that mark our contemporary landscape.

In addition to the sense of heritage and Latin feel that exude from our designs, environmental awareness is a primordial theme in our creative process. This is why we manufacture pieces with locally sourced materials, mostly found in Colombia. We use lycra as our major material base, which allows formidable versatility, elevated quality and a wide array of possibility when it comes to exploring designs.

Streamlined and sleek shapes, classic models, minimalist formulas, can all acquire a visual and dazzling quality. This smart textile also features muscular memory, which in turn allows the fabric to set and accommodate into diverse body types, always being able to return to its original shape. This embraces the glorious multiplicity of the female realm.

We are constantly inspired by the women from our Cartagena, the ones who have touched our lives, the women we learn from and share with. Diverse women with blooming, contemporary, Latin and global souls