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As the sun falls over the coast, the rhythm of the day also seems to fade…
The sunset doesn’t just welcome your gaze, it wraps your body and soul in a dreamy state of relaxation. This simple moment of waiting for the day’s end in idle delight inspires our Spring Summer 2023 collection, Ocaso.

Italians have a name for it, ‘il dolce far niente’. It feels like a spell luring you towards ‘the sweetness of doing nothing’ through a mesmerizing sunset stretched over the sea, wherever you may be. In Ocaso we capture the ever-changing hues of sunlight dancing on the horizon. From rosy and orange glow to blue skies that play with violet shades just before slipping away, draping everything in the dark of night. Brand essentials like dresses and skirts go from day to evening, with versatile styles that embrace your body gently, shaping each occasion with an effortless feel. Leave the rush behind, savour the dusk, dive into the comfort of doing nothing.



Diversity, versatility and timelessness are at the heart of our brand’s vision, they are our guiding principles and a permanent part of our philosophy. These best-selling and essential pieces reflect the spirit of our brand, evoke the exquisite simplicity we seek in our aesthetic and assert the quest for utter permanence in our style language.


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